Anti Aging Science:

Nu Skin is taking the science of anti-aging to a completely new level by studying the genetic origins of how and why we age. Developed by Nu Skin in collaboration with leading scientists, anti-aging science is based on the discovery of internal sources of aging that contribute to an aging appearance, what Nu Skin calls age-related super markers, or arSuperMarkers. Nu Skin’s exclusive anti-aging science targets these arSuperMarkers—the ultimate sources of aging that can influence how we age.


EVO - Fabuloso Pro

Fabuloso Pro is a range of treatment conditioners weather you are looking for lift or repair. They are customised with colour to perfectly match your in salon service or to use as pastel washes through your blonde locks to provide the most beautiful shades of the rainbow.  We LOVE them, so will YOU.

NATULIQUE - Heat and Sun Protector

NATULIQUE Heat & Sun Protector is an all-in-one product that offers long-lasting, everyday heat, sun and UV protection.

Added beneficial oils and extracts deeply penetrate the hair shafts, hydrating the hair from the inside out and replenishes lost nutrients, proteins and minerals. NATULIQUE Heat & Sun Protector contributes to shiny and healthy hair without frizz, to help make styling easier. Use before blow drying, curling or straightening.

The best part is that these products don’t just keep the hair from getting fried – they also add shine, de-frizz and help condition and smoothen the hair texture. Once applied, you can heat style a client’s hair with confidence.


Semi Transparent NATULIQUE Douce Hair Colours demonstrates the hottest new way to colour hair. Sophisticated mixing and artistic application in the hands of talented hair artists provide endless nuances for adding contrast and accentuating the softness and natural beauty of eye colour and skin tone.