Start your experience at The Loft with an in-depth consultation regarding all your hair and scalp needs, we believe that the only way to achieve the right style, colour and finish is proper discussion. 

"Our Mission at The Loft is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed, leaving looking and feeling great"

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Style Cut & Finish 1hr appointment $85.00

Fringe Shaping $15.00


Blow Dry Styling

Short $45.00

Medium $50.00

Long $55.00



Moisture Nourishment Masque $15.00

Intensive Repair Masque $15.00

Two Part Reconstructive Leave in Colour Lock and Silkening Treatment $15.00 ( note: this treatment needs to be flat ironed into the hair )

Vital Shot Keratin Complex Treatment $30.00 ( note: Vital shot can be used during a colour process to ensure the optimum condition of your hair or as a leave in repair treatment )




Style cut & Finish 1hr appointment $65.00

Colour Blending $55.00

Summer Lights $55.00


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Permanent Colour

Re-growth application $85.00

Short $95.00

Medium $100.00

Long $105.00


Semi Gloss Colour

Short $85.00

Medium $90.00

Long $100.00


High / Low Light Foiling & Balayage

Part line $95.00

Half head $115.00

Full Head $145.00


Creative Colour                                                                             

All over colour combining part foiling work $110.00

Full head lighten / tone and colour correction available on consultation

* Please add hair styling or blow dry prices to all colour work

Gift Vouchers available and can be redeemed for both hair styling and retail home hair care, make up and electrical items

*Student and children prices available