Original Mineral CØR Colour - Botanical Colour At It's Purest

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Say hello to Original Mineral CØR colour, featuring the revolutionary Molecular Blend Technology (MBT), Certified Organic Macadamia Oil and O&M Signature Oil Blend.

We have championed ammonia-free colour for salons dedicated to giving their clients and stylists the cleanest, healthiest hair colour experience.

Our founder, Jose Bryce Smith, opened Australia’s first ammonia - free salon back at the turn of the millennium, using our own O&M ammonia-free permanent colour.

106 Permanent Shades

  • Free of PPD, Resorcinol & Ammonia
  • Formulated for and exclusive to salon professionals
  • Achieves up to 5 levels of lightening
  • 100% Grey coverage
  • Pleasant smelling